Camp St. Isaac Jogues 2021

Camp St. Isaac Jogues is a summer camp for young men ages 13-15 years old, which, this year, will be taking place near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (location to be published as soon as it is secured). The camp is staffed by Seminarians from Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary. This year, the camp will run from June 21st to July 2nd. Each day begins with the camp chaplain offering the Traditional Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form) and is filled with spiritual and physical formation as the boys hike, pray, play sports, and listen to spiritual talks and catechism classes given by the chaplain and seminarians.


This year Camp St. Isaac Jogues is moving to a new location near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The location will be published as soon as it is secured.


Campers are responsible for transportation to either the camp location or to the nearest airport. This will be announced when the camp location has been secured.


The cost per camper is $450. If necessary, payments can be made in increments, but all payments must be submitted by the first of May. Payment should not be made until the applicant has been definitively accepted. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to the St. John Bosco Camps - your generosity helps make these camps possible.

Note to Parents:

Boys who are sent to Camp St. Isaac Jogues will not be permitted to contact home/parents by phone or email (except in cases of necessity) during the course of the camp. Letters will be permitted and encouraged, and care packages may be received by the boys at any time. However, private snacks and treats are not allowed, so any food brought to camp will become a community snack. No cell-phones, i-pods, laptops, MP3s, CD players, radios, or any other electronic devices will be permitted at Camp St. Isaac Jogues at any time. Parents will be provided with the phone and email contact information of the director in case there is a serious need to contact their child.



Submit your application by May 1st and join St. John Bosco Camps in pursuing Christ manfully!

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